Our Team

Meet our sensational squad at Social Juice! We are trendsetters, visionaries, and social media gurus eager to boost your online presence. Our resilient co-founders, who are always spluttering with fresh ideas, and leading the way. Our content artists work their magic, creating enticing pieces and images that make your brand pop. Our community managers keep the conversation buzzing and our growth hackers are here to skyrocket your reach! Together we’re a powerhouse team, dedicated to making your brand shine like never before!


Get ready to meet the brains behind the magic at Social Juice. Allow us to introduce you to our co-founder and creative director, Shanaya! With a knack for trendsetting, she is the creative force that fuels our agency's success. Get ready to be inspired and empowered as she takes your brand's online presence to new heights!


Say hello to Mansi Bhatia, the unstoppable Co-Founder/ Marketing & Sales Director workaholic of our social media marketing agency! With her infectious energy, she infuses every project with a touch of excitement. She's the mastermind behind our innovative campaigns and the driving force that keeps our team on their toes.


Introducing Maitri, an exceptional videographer and artist for Social Juice. With a unique blend of creativity and technical prowess, she creates visually stunning narratives that capture the essence of brands. Prepare to be amazed as her lens elevates your brand to new heights in the digital marketing landscape.


Meet Varsha, an accomplished business developer with a passion for empowering brands and making a positive impact in the world of marketing. As a key member of Social Juice, a thriving marketing agency, she brings her expertise and unwavering dedication to help businesses thrive and connect with their target audiences.

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